John Cena Set To Get 'Ucey' In WWE In-Ring Return

WWE is set to cap off 2022 with a match of epic proportions, as John Cena & Kevin Owens square off against The Bloodline's Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn on the 12/30 episode of "WWE SmackDown" in Tampa, Florida.


The match was set up during the closing stages of the 12/16 "WWE SmackDown," where Reigns announced that he & Zayn will face Owens & a mystery partner at WWE's last show of 2022. Just then, Cena appeared on the TitanTron to read out a text message he received from Owens.

"Surprise!" Cena addressed The Bloodline via satellite. "I bet you're a little surprised to see me. Well, it's the holiday season, and everybody loves a good holiday surprise, and boy was I surprised when I got a text message, out of the blue, from my longtime friend Kevin Owens. 

"He said, 'sup, Peacemaker. Did you know you've had a WWE match every year for the past 20 years except this one. Your streak is about to be broken. Mind-blown emoji. Do you want to be my tag team partner December 30 in Tampa, Florida?'"


Cena continued, "So, let me get this straight – I haven't had a match in 2022, and we're running out of chances. And you're asking me if I want to partner with Kevin Owens against the Uciest Sami Zayn and The Tribal Chief in a main event match that can't be missed? Hell yes, I'll be there! Hell yes, we'll bring the fight to The Bloodline in the final SmackDown of 2022. Make your list, check it twice – The Bloodline has been naughty, and won't it be nice when Cena-clause is coming to town? Ho Ho Ho Holy S**t!"

The show went off the air with Reigns & The Bloodline fuming in the ring, while reacting to Cena's announcement.

Cena last wrestled in an untelevised WWE dark match at Madison Square Garden on September 10, 2021, teaming up with Rey & Dominik Mysterio against Reigns & The Usos in a six-man match. Prior to that bout, he lost to Reigns at SummerSlam on August 21, 2021.