Arn Anderson Confirms Longstanding Story About Ric Flair Becoming Spartacus In WCW

Ric Flair has often told the story that then-WCW Executive Vice President Jim Herd wanted him to take on a Roman gladiator gimmick and be renamed Spartacus in 1991. Herd has denied Flair's claim. However, Arn Anderson confirmed Flair's version of events on the latest episode of his "ARN" podcast.

"That brilliant haircut that Jim Herd thought Flair needed. ... That was Jim Herd — 'I want to cut his hair, put an earring in and call him Spartacus.' Jesus Christ," Anderson said.

While Flair didn't end up as Spartacus, he did don a mask and become The Black Scorpion, which Anderson said was "just a debacle, it was a mess." The plans changed numerous times for who was going to be under the mask, but it eventually continued the longstanding rivalry between Flair and Sting. 

"I would've loved to have seen Sting get away from Flair. ... Anyway you look at it then when it all shakes out and you find out it was Flair all along, then if you were semi-tired of Flair and Sting now you're really tired of it," Anderson said about the angle, which took place during Sting's first reign as world champion. "I just think Sting, if he'd maybe made a bigger loop with Sid [Vicious]. My god, you could have put Sting with Ron Simmons in a singles match or Butch Reed in a single match, just to get him some wins over some different opponents. He needed a longer push as champion."

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