Mick Foley Comments On Santa Claus Volunteer Work

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley won three world championships and headlined WrestleMania during his in-ring career. However, it's his charitable acts away from the ring that have caught the attention of many fans over the past several years. Whether he's donating event proceeds to charity or dressing up as Santa Claus for Christmas to spread joy to children, Foley has gone out of his way to provide good vibes to many. Appearing on "2 Lies and 1 Truth," Foley talked about his time as Santa and what he believes being Santa truly means.

"Part of the reason the Santa volunteering was so valuable to me is, I was really having fallout from head injuries," Foley said. "A lot of things I enjoyed doing, it felt like they had been taken away from me ... Being Santa is not about performing in front of thousands of people live or on TV, you know, because I was on Tribute to the Troops, so, a few million people saw," he explained. "It's about making that special connection ... Since that year, we began a tradition ... I send the video on Christmas Eve and, starting in 2017 when I really worked on my handwriting, I have about 40 to 50 people that I do handwritten Santa letters for and it is an honor to me to feel like I am part of somebody's Christmas tradition."

With Christmas Day quickly approaching, Foley will be busy writing and sending those letters to the families. Foley's work as Santa is not the only way he has attempted to impact children on Christmas, as he has written a couple of Christmas books for children, such as "Mick Foley's Christmas Chaos" and "A Most Mizerable Christmas."