Former WWE Star Describes Vince McMahon's Ideal Son

A former WWE superstar shared his take on Vince McMahon's ideal son. McMahon is the father of Stephanie and Shane McMahon, both of whom have made their mark in the wrestling business. With that said, inaugural "Tough Enough" winner, Maven, isn't so sure that the two were McMahon's ideal children.

Serving as a guest on "Monte & The Pharaoh," Maven shared who he believes would've been the perfect son in McMahon's world.

"Vince always wanted the son like Hunter," Maven said. "He always wanted the big, jacked up, great wrestler son. Shane was fearless and could go out there and do whatever, but he was never gonna be the wrestler that Vince probably wanted. Stephanie had the business, just the knowledge for what the business should be. I don't know if either of them probably lived up to what Vince would've wanted, however, I don't think anyone could have. I think what Vince had in his mind as the perfect offspring doesn't exist. It's probably John Cena's body with The Rock's charisma mixed with Triple H's in-ring work, and that person just doesn't exist."

With that said, Maven expressed his belief that Stephanie has more of McMahon's characteristics than Shane does. Stephanie is currently the Chairwoman and co-CEO of WWE after McMahon stepped away from the company amid sexual assault accusations and an investigation into hush money payments to cover them up. As for Shane, he was reportedly "quietly let go" from the company earlier this year after reports surfaced of backstage issues during the Royal Rumble event.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit, "Monte & The Pharaoh," with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.