Alexa Bliss On Previous WWE Character: 'I've Never Had More Fun In My Life'

Alexa Bliss has learned a lot from her time with Bray Wyatt, and a reunion between the two just might happen sooner than later. Bliss joined BT Sport to talk about her initial run as the dark companion to The Fiend and how it was similar to a character she previously had in mind.

"One-hundred percent I had pitched a character like this, Dark Alexa, way back in NXT. Like before Blake and Murphy," she said. "I love being able to portray a character. I love being able to go outside the box and do different things and this was the most fun."

Even after Wyatt was released last year, Bliss continued down the dark path. She credits Wyatt with helping her grow creatively.

"He is such a creative genius that it made me want to step my game up," she said, noting that Wyatt would tell her to take notes from interviews with infamous serial killers. She admitted that she needed to challenge herself or she wasn't going to keep up with Wyatt's creativity.

"I never put so much research into a character as I did when I was with Bray, and I think that's why it was so fun for me, too, because I was doing something so completely different, but I was also taking things from real life and putting it into a character for the first time ,so it was really cool," she said.

On the latest episode of "WWE Raw" Bliss' dark persona burst out when she hit Bianca Belair with a potted plant during a backstage sit-down interview.

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