Alexa Bliss Apparently Turns Heel, Teases Bray Wyatt Alliance On WWE Raw

The Alexa Bliss – Bray Wyatt saga is far from over.

A week after she nearly laid out Bianca Belair with a Sister Abigail, Bliss – once again hypnotized by the omnipresent forces of Wyatt – smashed a flower vase over Belair's head during a sitdown interview on the 12/19 "WWE Raw" in Des Moines, Iowa. 


Earlier in the interview with Byron Saxton, Bliss candidly acknowledged the influence Wyatt wields on her psyche, emphasizing that The Fiend turned her into "an evil version of myself" when he abducted her in the summer of 2020. Bliss would admit that Wyatt "broke her" and she required intensive therapy to regain "a shell of her former self" and that her recent on-screen friendships with Belair and Asuka have helped her regain some of her strength. Bliss added that she needed to win the "Raw" Women's Championship from Belair to "keep building up" her self-confidence and poise. 


In response, Belair continued to express trepidation, stressing that she can no longer trust Bliss as long as Bliss was under the spell of Wyatt. However, Bliss would yell "this isn't about him" while cutting off the EST, before listing off her own accomplishments in WWE. Just as Saxton prepared to wrap up the interview, Wyatt's moth logo flashed on the screen, which led to Bliss smashing a flower vase over Belair's head. The announcers expressed shock as WWE cut to a commercial break.

The segment also confirmed that the Belair vs. Bliss championship bout will take place on the first "WWE Raw" of 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. It remains to be seen if Wyatt – or even Uncle Howdy – influences the outcome of the match.