Unstable Top Title Contender Emerges For Bianca Belair

Is an Alexa Bliss – Bray Wyatt reunion all but inevitable?

On the 12/12 episode of "WWE Raw" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bliss seemingly tapped into a darker place to not only defeat Bayley in a #1 contender's match for Bianca Belair's "Raw" Women's Championship but also hinted at reverting back to her old gimmick. 

After the match, Bliss was congratulated by Belair – whom she has tagged with several times in recent months – but a warm embrace between the two women quickly turned sour when Wyatt's moth logo flashed on the TitanTron. Upon seeing the logo, Bliss was apparently hypnotized into locking Belair in position for a Sister Abigail, a move she hadn't used since her days as an ally of Wyatt. However, Bliss would quickly regain her senses and let go of Belair in a moment of confusion. The segment ended with a confused Belair looking on as Bliss scurried off the ring. 

WWE has been actively teasing a Bliss – Wyatt reunion (or an unfinished business storyline) ever since the latter returned to WWE in October. Most recently, in the lead-up to the WarGames match at Survivor Series, Bliss was lost for words when a Wyatt 6 moth logo briefly flashed on the monitor during Team Bianca's backstage interview segment. Similarly, at the Crown Jewel premium live event, the Wyatt moth logo appeared on the monitor moments before Asuka & Bliss lost their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship to Dakota Kai & IYO SKY, startling Bliss in the process. Subsequently, Michael Cole on commentary acknowledged Bliss' past relationship with Wyatt. 

For what it's worth, the teases began even before Wyatt returned to WWE, with the "white rabbit logo" making a brief appearance at Clash at the Castle, where Bliss teamed up with Belair and Asuka in a six-woman match against Damage CTRL.

Bliss had betrayed "The Fiend" at WrestleMania 37 in what was Wyatt's last WWE match prior to his release in July 2021. 

Meanwhile, WWE has yet to announce the date for the Bliss vs Belair championship match.