Eric Bischoff And Sean Ross Sapp Discuss Latest Vince McMahon Allegations

How the pro wrestling news gets spread will always be a topic of discussion as long as there's a market for it, but there certainly is a strategy to it. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful joined Eric Bischoff for a new episode of "Strictly Business" and the latest Vince McMahon allegations were brought up.

"Why was it the 'Wall Street Journal?' Because whoever had that news felt like it was most appropriate for 'Wall Street Journal' to have that,' Sapp said who notes that if it was him breaking that story, it might not have had as much impact. "They knew that the Wall Street Journal getting that news would change something."

"The first thing I thought was, 'Oh this can't be true.' Bischoff said, making clear that he doesn't know McMahon personally.  He asks Sapp why he thinks a story like that would leak to the "Wall Street Journal."

"Pure speculation they don't want him to come back," said Sapp, "A WWE higher-up said, 'There ain't no f*cking way' as soon as that story dropped to me, which means they wanted it out there that a WWE higher-up said that. There was no 'off-the-record,' there was no 'Kayfabe this,' there was nothing, nothing of that degree. Whoever leaked this wanted it to be known that Vince McMahon wants to come back and is telling people that but he's got a gaggle of other issues and that's why they don't want him back. This year has been just insane."

"Okay, 'cause I know a few people in WWE who would stand to benefit from that. It's a fascinating journey, we'll never know, but it kind of makes you think" Bischoff added.

McMahon retired from his position of WWE CEO & Chairman back in July.