Molly Holly Discusses How She Got Into WCW

Molly Holly is a WWE Hall of Famer, two-time WWE Women's Champion, and even a Hardcore Champion. She also had a hand in training a number of wrestlers, and one in particular led to her first big break in the wrestling industry.

In a new installment of "K&S WrestleFest," Holly reflected on her days of juggling her full-time job of telemarketing with wrestling on the indie circuit in the late '90s. Her boss at the telemarketing agency was good friends was Lanny Poffo, whose brother is the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Savage was looking for a female wrestler to help train his new valet in WCW, Gorgeous George.

"Lanny told Macho Man, 'This girl, Nora, is really nice, and she knows a lot of wrestling moves. She could probably really help her,'" Holly said. "So then I asked my boss, who's friends with Lanny Poffo, if I could take a leave of absence from my telemarketing job so I can train Gorgeous George for one month in a warehouse in Tampa. During that month, I taught her as many moves as I could, and at the end of that month, Macho Man asked me if I would want to be part of their entourage on television." 

Known as Miss Maddness she appeared alongside Savage, George, and Madusa on WCW programming. Holly said she never envisioned attaining that level of exposure in pro wrestling because she didn't think she fit the mold of the female stars of that era. "I worked in the indies, but I didn't think I'd ever be on TV," she said. "I mean, Sable was the top star, and I wasn't a Sable, you know?"