WWE Hall Of Famer Says Mandy Rose Has 'The Dumbest Agent In The World'

Booker T is all about business and believes that Mandy Rose's agent is doing her dirty. The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer spoke on his "Hall Of Fame" Podcast with Brad Gilmore about Rose being released by WWE due to the risque content the former NXT Women's Champion was posting on her FanTime page. Rose will not be without a steady source of income as her FanTime page is behind a paywall and according to her agent, Malki Kawa, she's set to make 1 million dollars by Christmas. Booker takes exception to such financial transgressions


"You've got to have the dumbest agent in the world for him to be reporting how much money you've been making. That makes no sense," he said. "Why don't he put how much 'Uncle Sam' is taking out of it as well? You know what I mean? As well as what his cut is?" Booker also has his suspicions as to Rose making that million-dollar mark before Santa's sleigh hits the roof.

"She's gonna have to do a whole lot of naked photos, okay? I'm just being right straight up, okay?" Even if Rose were to break that million-buck barrier, Booker once received some sound advice from his sister.

"'Fast' money goes fast," but Booker does know with social media and celebrity access so prominent, times are changing for all of us.


"I don't get the allure or what's the bait here other than it's a naked woman and it's a certain person. It's a lot of fixation in the world and again, this world we're living in today. It's a lot of followers, maybe that's it."

Booker was on the call for Mandy Rose's last match in WWE as she lost her NXT Title to his protege, Roxanne Perez.