Shawn Michaels Addresses The Prevalence Of Superkicks In Pro Wrestling

The Usos, The Young Bucks, Dolph Ziggler, and Adam Cole — these are just some of the many pro wrestlers across the planet that use the Superkick as either their finisher, or one of the main moves in their offensive arsenal. While two-time WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels did not create the Superkick, he helped make the move popular, calling it Sweet Chin Music; this led to many stars, such as those previously mentioned, using it as a finisher or a high spot in a match. While with "Culture State," Michaels addressed his influence in pro wrestling and with the use of the Superkick.

"It's humbling," Michaels said. "This business has been so good to me and so, this is my way of being able to give back. I take it as a compliment," Michaels said. "I remember when I broke in the wrestling business, you know, a lot of the old-timers, you know, said, 'Imitation is, you know, the sincerest form of flattery.' That is certainly the way that I take it ... I appreciate the fact that something that I did has had an appeal and a positive effect on this business." Still, Michaels joked that it would be great if he got paid royalties every time the Superkick was used.

Throughout his career, Michaels used the Sweet Chin Music to win multiple championships, including four world championships. Michaels also headlined WrestleMania five times, however, he only walked away with one win in those matches, defeating Bret Hart with a Superkick to win WWE's first ever Iron Man match.

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