Shawn Michaels Discusses Working Relationship With Triple H In WWE NXT

By most accounts, Triple H and Shawn Michaels have made an easy transition from their years teaming together in the ring to working backstage developing WWE's next generation of stars. "The Heartbreak Kid" and "The Game" have slid into two of the most important leadership roles in WWE's locker room in recent months, since the retirement of former WWE boss Vince McMahon.

While Triple H, aka Paul Levesque, took over as WWE's Chief Content Officer following McMahon's departure, Michaels moved over to help lead the company's "WWE NXT" developmental brand alongside former wrestler Matt Bloom. In recent months, Michaels has spoken out about both of their transitions, and the tweaks the longtime D-Generation X stablemates have made to their workflow to help develop future wrestlers. During an appearance on the "Culture State" podcast this week, Michaels painted a clearer picture of both his and Triple H's roles when it comes to the weekly "NXT" show, which Levesque used to lead.

"From a weekly television standpoint, what we do on 'NXT' is more or less my ballpark," Michaels said, clarifying that Levesque still has a heavy hand in WWE's recruiting process but that he isn't making decisions for individual shows. "Hunter always checks in and knows who the people are," Michaels said. "He obviously watches the show, he sees the people that appear to have promise in his sight and in ours as well. I think he takes a mental note of who he sees and what he sees in them, and I'm sure he makes his crew aware of it as well. And then whenever those times come when they feel like they're ready for a call-up or they see a need that they might have, that's when they would give us a call."

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