Mick Foley Reveals Which Former WWE Star Gets Preferential Treatment From Santa

No other performer in the professional wrestling business shares an association with Christmas like Mick Foley. "The Hardcore Legend" has previously played Santa Claus on WWE television and volunteers as good old Kris Kringle in the real world, even writing a memoir in 2017 detailing his experiences portraying Mr. Claus. On the latest episode of "Foley Is Pod," Foley revealed that he has a list of families both inside and outside WWE that he sends videos to as "Jolly Old Saint Mick," and there are some in particular that he gets great enjoyment out of.

"[From] those 50 or so people who are on that list, my favorite story is probably Lacey Evans," Foley said. "I barely know Lacey. I've met her five times, and yet the letter I send and the video I send to her daughter — now there [are] two daughters — are something that she and her family eagerly anticipate and they greatly appreciate." The former world champion shared that he also sends Christmas greetings dressed as Santa to WWE star Bianca Belair, as well as the families of musicians Norah Jones and Jewel, and many more.

Foley has long had a reputation for loving Christmas, especially the holiday's mascot. The former WWE star was once offered to play a version of Santa Claus on the Fox sitcom "New Girl," but turned down the opportunity due to the fact that it was a sleazy version of the beloved figure. Foley even appeared as one of the subjects of the 2014 documentary "I Am Santa Claus," detailing the process of dressing up as the Christmas icon and spreading goodwill and cheer around the holidays.