Latest News Regarding WWE's Drug Policy

Matt Riddle was reportedly written off of WWE TV so that he could attend rehab after failing two drug tests. This has raised questions about WWE's Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy, which was established in 2006. Despite the policy having a "three strikes" system — which hands out 30-day and 60-day suspensions for the first two strikes, and termination for the third — there have been no indications that Riddle was ever suspended.

WWE says that his storyline injury will keep him out for less than 60 days.'s original report never mentioned a suspension, and WWE never announced one despite section 15A of the policy saying that's how it works. What he tested positive for hasn't been reported either, though it can't be cannabis as the company has relaxed its rules on marijuana use.

In response to an assumption that Riddle had two strikes as the system was understood, Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer posted on his subscribers-only message board that this wasn't necessarily the case. "They've changed that rule," he wrote. "It's because a couple of key people have had two suspensions and we're in a wrestling war. Plus somebody with two could intentionally fail a test to get out of their contract."

However, Meltzer wrote in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that "there may have been a change but the company hasn't acknowledged that if there was." He added that in the event the Riddle story as reported by is true, and WWE talent believes it is, then "that does mean WWE is no longer adhering to aspects of the drug policy having to do with announcing publicly drug suspensions."