Kenny Omega Clarifies Why He Left NJPW

Kenny Omega is set to return to New Japan Pro-Wrestling at Wrestle Kingdom 17, which will emanate from the Tokyo Dome on January 4. The AEW star will face Will Ospreay for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship at the event, following months of bickering and teased showdowns between both men. For many wrestling fans, this will be a homecoming of sorts for Omega — but why did he leave NJPW in the first place.


During a recent interview with NJPW1972, Omega revealed his main reason for parting ways with the company in 2019. In short, he wanted to prove that he could become a superstar elsewhere, stating that being regarded as the best in the world means "being the best in all styles." Therefore, he had to go to America and prove a point.

"I'm going to show everyone exactly why they call me the Best Bout Machine," Omega recalled. "I'm going to show you exactly why I was able to take small promotions and make them global. I'm going to take an upstart promotion that nobody knows existed, and turn it into the greatest competition to the greatest pro-wrestling promotion that anyone has seen in America for the past 50, 60, 70 years.'"


Of course, the "upstart" company Omega is referring to is AEW, where he currently works as a wrestler and Executive Vice President. The company has come a long way during its three-year existence, and it's fair to say that Omega is more known in the United States these days than he was during his NJPW tenure.