Tony Khan Responds To Criticism That He Underutilizes AEW Stars

"You're never going to keep everybody happy. You have to think about that."

Tony Khan recently spoke with Fightful's "Grapsody" podcast about the recent spat of disgruntled wrestlers taking their frustrations over a lack of TV time to Twitter, a recent example being former AEW TNT Champion Miro, as well as recent comments about the locker room from the oft-critical Eddie Kingston. 

"You have people that are going to be a focus week-to-week," Tony said in the interview, which was recorded before Friday's edition of "AEW Rampage" aired. "Eddie's a big part of tonight's show, we'll see Eddie on 'Rampage,' tonight. There are dozens of wrestlers featured on 'Dynamite' and 'Rampage' every week, and throughout those three hours you see lots of names, but there's lots of names you aren't seeing in AEW every week, and sometimes they're silent about that, and sometimes there's a reason: somebody's hurt, somebody's working on another project, somebody's getting repackaged, or frankly there's just not enough slots on three hours." 

Khan noted that this is a unique problem to the pro wrestling business. "It's not really common in the NFL for the backup quarterback to complain to the coach that he's not playing. It's not common in the NBA for the backup point guard to slight the coach because he's not getting minutes." 

Khan says he has an easy, consistent way of looking at his wrestlers' frustrations. "I take it with a smile, and I'll keep taking it with a smile. It's ok. I understand that everyone wants to wrestle and wants to do things."

The AEW President goes on to once again praise the locker room. "We have a lot of great wrestlers here and when they're here and we can get everyone involved? I love that."