Miro Responds To Dave Meltzer's Report About His AEW Absence

As fans await an update on when former TNT Champion Miro is coming back to AEW television, news regarding his future is trending online. It all began earlier in the week when Miro's wife, CJ Perry, spoke with 92.7 WMAY and indicated Miro would likely be returning to WWE someday; though, she never put a time frame on the comeback. "Wrestling Observer Radio's" Dave Meltzer would follow up on those statements, giving his take on why Miro was absent from television for the majority of 2022.

Ultimately, "The Redeemer" was only a part of four official matches this past year. Meltzer claims it's because the pitch AEW president Tony Khan had in store for Miro after last month's Full Gear pay-per-view wasn't something he had much interest in, so he's remained off TV since. He added that this has been a problem with various talents that have come over from WWE and are concerned about being presented as someone who loses regularly.

It's now apparent Miro caught wind of the report because he responded through a tweet this afternoon, asking Meltzer, "What happened between January and June?" If we look back, Miro was having a very successful first half of 2022 despite not being able to compete in the ring due to a torn hamstring. He successfully recovered, which is a victory in its own right but also began dabbling in creative ventures outside of pro wrestling. Miro was a featured character in the CBS show "East New York" which began airing this past Fall. The filming schedule required him to live in New York for a few weeks until his portion of the project was complete. Perhaps most telling is that Miro signed a contract extension with AEW last March that added four more years to his contract.