CJ Perry Says Miro Will Return To WWE 'At Some Point'

The wrestling world was taken aback when WWE announced the release of Miro in April 2020 due to budget cuts. While he is currently signed with AEW, he has expressed frustrations with the way he has been utilized in the company over the past few months, leaving many to wonder if he has any desire to return to WWE under its new management. Now, it seems as if his wife, CJ Perry has provided an answer to that question.


"Well, you know, it so happens that the Redeemer is fighting on some battlefields against a couple of Gods," Perry told 92.7 WMAY's Mike Wennmacher. "Rusev Day will never die. It's always going to be around, the kids are going to want to sing it and I'm sure it will make a return in WWE at some point. Rusev — well, whatever he shows [up] back in; whatever frickin name or gimmick or character he returns [as] at some point, in WWE is going to be iconic."

Miro began his tenure in WWE under the moniker of Rusev in 2010 as part of their FCW developmental territory. He is a former member of the short-lived League of Nations, a three-time United States Champion, and the founder of Rusev Day.

"You know, he, that's the great thing about wrestling is it doesn't matter what company you work for, what promotion, anything can happen. Let's be honest, we know that everyone always returns back to WWE at some point."


Perry herself began her tenure with WWE as Miro's manager in 2013 and made her in-ring debut three years later on the WrestleMania 32 pre-show in a ten-woman tag team match. She was later released from the company in June of 2021.

H/t to "Fightful" for the transcription.