Miro Seemingly Unhappy With His Position In AEW

This past Friday on "AEW Rampage," a newcomer to the promotion was granted a "championship eliminator" match against the current Interim AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley. That individual — Mance Warner — is well-known on the independent wrestling scene through companies like Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) and Major League Wrestling (MLW). However, to the audiences watching at home that don't keep up with indie wrestlers, Warner may have felt like a random opponent for Mox when several other contracted stars could be put in the position to earn a future title shot.

This seems to be how former TNT Champion Miro is also feeling, as he took to Twitter and asked, "Who's this guy that is fighting for the title?" The AEW star could have found the answer by texting a colleague or using an internet search engine. Still, it appears he wanted to ask the question to emphasize that Warner is essentially an unknown character to casual AEW viewers.

The notion that Miro is frustrated with his position in AEW doesn't end there. After a Twitter user commented on the post and asked, "Are you still in AEW? It seems you had it better in WWE," Miro would like the tweet.

Earlier this year, Miro signed a four-year contract with AEW, which would keep him with All Elite Wrestling until at least early 2026. In an interview with "Whatculture" shortly after he re-signed, Miro explained why he preferred All Elite Wrestling over WWE at the time. However, Miro may be reconsidering his position now that Vince McMahon is gone and Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan hold the majority of power in WWE.

"It's always going to be the freedom," Miro said when asked why he chose to stay in AEW. "Whenever anybody asks me, 'What is the difference here?', it's the freedom. You don't have to set yourself in a lower standard, because that's what I thought the other place was. They let you lower your standard in order to fit their mold. Which here, it's not like that. You have a style, you go out there, you do your style to your best, and that's what makes professional wrestling so much better because you see different clashes of style, different styles clash in the ring."