Former WWE And WCW Star Says Tony Khan Isn't Taking Good Advice On ROH

AEW owner Tony Khan appeared to have high hopes for securing a television deal for Ring of Honor after he announced last spring that he'd purchased the long-beloved wrestling promotion. But as the year went on, some members of the professional wrestling world grew critical of the deal and the prospects of Khan striking a deal to get ROH back on television. Earlier this month, Khan announced the relaunch of the brand's Honor Club streaming service – a move some outlets have labeled a "failure."

This week on his "Keeping It 100" podcast, former WWE and WCW star Konnan questioned Khan's decision to relaunch the streaming service and questioned whether the billionaire heir is taking bad advice on how to navigate the brand.

"If WWE couldn't get a crack in [the streaming world], I can't see f***ing ROH doing it," Konnan said. "They just seem kind of stale and minor league."

'F*** Metrics'

After Konnan's co-host Disco said to "look at the metrics," because it showed "no one is watching," the former wrestler said he believes Khan is under the thinking that, "When you have that type of money, f*** metrics. I'm doing it because I like it and if I can make money off of it, I will."

"That's got to be the only thing he can be thinking," Konnan continued. "He's not a dumb guy, but you can tell he's not taking good advice. He's like, 'I'm rich b****, I'm doing it my way, f*** it,' you know? 'If I go down, it's my fault. I'm not going to let other guys take over my company like they've done in other places.' But he's risking it because there's a lot of good, capable people that could give him really good, sound advice and he's not listening, he's – I don't know – paranoid or some s***."

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