AEW Announcer Says That Sometimes There's Too Much Blood In Wrestling

Tony Schiavone has seen it all in wrestling including many talents "donning the crimson mask" of blood, but his outlook on it has changed since the days of yesteryear.  The legendary announcer joined co-host Conrad Thomspon for a special watch along on of two Undertaker matches, and the topic of blood gets discussed. Thompson said blood changed for American sports when Magic Johnson came out as HIV positive back in 1991 and that perception has bled over into the world of wrestling too. Schiavone was enamored with blood in wrestling growing up as a fan, but today realizes it's not necessary.

"I've seen enough of it now (I'm on the different side of the camera now) to where I think sometimes it's too much," Schiavone said, recalling when he'd go to spot-shows that featured blood, growing up in Virginia. AEW has had its fair share of blood on its television product, but Schiavone notes that it's an industry-wide issue that blading can be foreign territory for younger talent. "You see kids, I'll call them kids who don't have the experience of blading themselves as they should, and sometimes it's too much blood because they don't know how to do it," he said.

Schiavone and Thomspon agree that their colleague Ric Flair has bladed himself at least a thousand times over his career and Schiavone shares a story about one of "The Nature Boy's" fellow Four Horsemen. One time Tully Blanchard came backstage after a fight and told Schiavone something a little alarming.

"Tully said, 'F*cker hit me so hard, I almost swallowed my blade.' He said that," Schiavone laughed. "And of course, Tully used to wrap the blade up and put it in his mouth."