Former Exec Thinks WWE Sale Is 'More Plausible' Without Vince McMahon Around

Rumors have swirled of a potential sale of WWE. Earlier this year, the company's president and chief revenue officer Nick Khan confirmed interest from outside companies. However, he also added that WWE wasn't actively pursuing a sale. At that point in time, WWE stood under the direct control of Vince McMahon, who served as the chairman and CEO. But now, Khan, alongside Stephanie McMcMahon could be in a position to change that decision as co-CEOs.


Vince McMahon formally resigned from his positions as chairman and CEO over the summer. However, he also remains the biggest stakeholder in the company. With Vince's name still attached to the company behind-the-scenes, former WCW executive and WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff explained his thoughts on the possible sale of WWE.

"I'd say right now it's more plausible to me that the WWE would sell because Vince McMahon is no longer, at least visibly, in the picture," Bischoff told Scott Fishman of SEScoops. "He is still in the picture as a majority shareholder, and guess what? He can still say no. It's his company. It is possible even though Vince isn't the CEO or chairman, that Vince could step up and prevent a sale."


Bischoff admitted he "doesn't know Vince McMahon," but believes it is plausible for a sale to be made with, or without, his discretion.

"It makes sense, which is why people keep talking about it ... You can make a really strong story for an NBC, a Fox, or at one point Disney ... but it makes sense. As long as it makes sense and people continue to project it, it's probably going to happen. I don't know though."

Following Vince McMahon's exit from WWE, reports indicated that the company steered clear of any sale talks.