Scrypts Opens Up About How His Circus Background Helped Him In WWE

Scrypts, formerly known as Reggie on the "WWE Raw" brand, recently made his debut in "WWE NXT." Scrypts had been on the main roster since 2020 and started in the company as Carmella's personal assistant under the name Reginald, before being involved in storylines with the 24/7 Championship and Dana Brooke. 


Prior to his WWE career, he performed in different circuses around North America. While on the "Tapis Rogue!" podcast, Scrypts discussed when he began working with the circus and how it helped him.

"I started circus at the age of 11 in St. Louis, Missouri," Scrypts said. "It was something that I did after school that kept me out of trouble ... It was an outlet to showcase me and what I love to do, but it also, it was just an escape. An escape from all the poverty, the drugs, the gangs, the crazy stuff from my neighborhood." 

Scrypts also explained how he made the switch from the circus world to WWE. "It's so crazy how effortlessly the transition was," Scrypts added. "In my eyes, I've been training for this role for 16 years. Everything I learned in circus helped me prepare and get this spot in WWE."


During his time working with circuses, he received the opportunity to work with Cirque du Soleil — one of the largest and most prominent circuses in the world. Scrypts discussed which venture he found to be more challenging between the WWE and the circus. "Everything that I did in circus was way more difficult," Scrypts said. "Doing it here is actually a lot easier for me because I have 16 years of performing experience and that's helping me so much in this field."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Tapis Rogue!" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.