Former WWE 24/7 Champion Redebuts In NXT As Scrypts

Reggie, the longest reigning WWE 24/7 Champion in history, re-debuted as the mysterious SCRYPTS on the 11/22 episode of "WWE NXT."

Ahead of his match against Guru Raaj, SCRYPTS — wearing an orange mask – made a unique entrance as he walked out through a virtual mirror before jumping on the barricade and making certain hand gestures to the audience. He would then cartwheel his way into the ring from the barricade, showing off some of the agility that made him an attraction at Cirque du Soleil before he joined the world of pro wrestling.

In a quick match, SCRYPTS delivered some fast-paced offense before hitting a Spinning Roundhouse Kick and a Diving Flipping Senton on Raaj for the pinfall victory. After the match, he left a yellow calling card on top of Raaj's chest before posing for the crowd.  

Though SCRYPTS never unmasked himself, there was little doubt among fans on social media that the masked wrestler was none other than Reggie. On commentary, Vic Joseph and Booker T praised SCRYPTS for his unique combination offense and athleticism but did not suggest the possibility of the mystery wrestler being Reggie.

Reggie was last seen on the 9/5 episode of "WWE Main Event" where he lost to Shelton Benjamin. The acrobatic wrestler stopped making appearances on "WWE Raw" after Triple H assumed control as WWE's Chief Content Officer, which led to the 24/7 Championship becoming all but irrelevant. He was previously a regular fixture on the Red Brand along with the likes of R-Truth, Tamina, Dana Brooke and Akira Tozawa, who would fight on a weekly basis for the 24/7 Title until mid-July when Vince McMahon stepped down as WWE's CEO & Chairman. Subsequently, Reggie wrestled a few matches on "Main Event" but disappeared from the "WWE Raw" brand after his entry in the Money in the Bank "Last Chance" Battle Royal on June 27.

The SCRYPTS vignettes first began airing on the 10/25 episode of "WWE NXT," where a mysterious person threatened to "rip all of NXT apart." The following week, SCRYPTS implied through another voicemail that he had been ignored by WWE higher-ups, noting that his calls had been screened for far too long, causing him to grow irate with the promotion. On the 9/8 show, SCRYPTS sent out an ominous warning to the "NXT" roster, promising to trigger the downfall of the brand upon his arrival. Finally, on last week's "WWE NXT," SCRYPTS referred to himself as "fast as lightning, smarter than you think" as he hyped up his debut match for November 22.