Kurt Angle Says This Wrestler Reminds Him Of A Superhero, Could Be The Future Of Wrestling

A good underdog story can go a long way in pro wrestling. Whether it's Daniel Bryan's "Yes!" movement or Kofi Kingston's "KofiMania," there's something to be said for the smaller guys making their way to the top of the mountain. Rey Mysterio is another wrestler who comes to mind who, despite his diminutive size, has mixed it up with the best and biggest the industry has to offer.


WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle believes there's another WWE Superstar who fits that particular mold, one he would love to see get an opportunity to shine. On the latest episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," the four-time WWE Champion singled out who he sees as the potential future of wrestling — a wrestler who has been rejuvenated under WWE' Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

"I would love to see someone like Ricochet get that opportunity," Angle said. "I think he could be the future."

Ricochet, 34, has won three singles titles with WWE: the United States Championship, "NXT" North American Championship, and Intercontinental Championship. He's coming off a late Match of the Year candidate against GUNTHER in a losing effort to win back the Intercontinental Title. "He reminds me a lot of a superhero," said Angle, who noted that Ricochet is more than just a high-flyer. 


"He's a great in-ring wrestler. He's not just a stunt man, he's a technician too," Angle declared. "Giving him an opportunity to be at the front where Roman Reigns is, I don't know if it would ever happen because he's a little bit undersized. But look at Rey Mysterio, what he was able to accomplish. I don't see why Ricochet couldn't do the same thing."