Ethan Page Reveals What He's Trying To Bring Back To Wrestling

When Ethan Page steps into an AEW ring, the Canadian wrestler is channeling inspiration from the corybantic spirit of the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

In an interview with Colorado's 99.9 The Point, The Firm member was asked which wrestling great, past or present, he would like to take on in a dream match. While admitting his "go-to answer" would be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Page added: "I would love to do anything with Macho Man."

"I pull so much from his manic, crazy, fly-off-the[handle [personality]," he said, noting that his Eastern European roots allow him to appreciate Savage's persona, especially at booze-fueled family parties.

"You get a couple shots of brandy into one of my uncles or you get a couple of beers into one of my relatives, you'll get a hand-in-your-face, Macho Man promo," he said. "I've seen it firsthand."

While Page hasn't indulged in hand-in-your-face promos — although he did interrupt a Luigi Primo interview in September with a boot to the pizza chef wrestler's face — Page said he seeks to "pull a lot" from wrestling's larger-than-life characters, adding that it represents "the style of wrestling that I'm trying to bring back into 2022."

He also insisted such antics compensate for what the self-nicknamed "All Ego" defined as his physical dexterity deficits.

"I know I'll never be the most athletic," he said. "I know I'll never be the crispest in the ring or the fastest in the ring. But I will bring that larger-than-life, 'holy crap, who is that-dude?' wrestling to AEW."