Jake The Snake Reveals Apology He Received From The Ultimate Warrior

Jake "The Snake" Roberts was set to work a top-level program with The Ultimate Warrior following SummerSlam 1991. However, Warrior would end up fired by Vince McMahon immediately after the main event of WWE's summer spectacular, as a result of Warrior's alleged actions right before the match. This firing led to Roberts not being put in the high-paying spot he had been promised. The two men didn't speak for years, and while hosting "The Snake Pit," Roberts revealed what Warrior said in apology when both attended the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

"He's the one who apologized to me," Roberts said. "I was going to drop him and Thank God I didn't because he turned and said, 'Jake I need to talk to you. I've got to apologize to you, man.' He said, 'I know I really screwed you over bad, man, and I really, really sincerely mean this. I am so sorry, so very sorry,' and that totally disarmed me. How are you going to punch a guy after he said that?"

Warrior and Roberts were both deservedly inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on that night, however, just days later, Warrior would suddenly pass away due to a massive heart attack. Roberts commented on Warrior's passing, and what he hates to think about. "I hate what happened to him, especially to his girls — to have to stand there and watch their father die in the d*** parking lot," Roberts said. "I hate to think what could have happened if I hit him, man. It might have killed him and I'd be in prison somewhere for killing The Ultimate Warrior."

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