Dominik Mysterio Says He's A Changed Man After 'Hard Time' In Prison

The first "WWE Raw" of 2022 replayed footage of Dominik Mysterio getting "arrested" after he and Rhea Ripley invaded Rey Mysterio's house on Christmas Eve.

Dominik was then shown in a backstage segment, where he went into detail about his prison experience and the lessons he learned from getting locked up.

"Sadness is not a bad thing to feel," Dominik began. "But it's that cold, absence of feeling — that's what prison was like. You think I'm playing a game? You think this is a game to me? I served hard time, and I survived. Prison changes a man, and you guys might think it's over for me, but I'm just getting started. And Mami [Rhea Ripley], I'll see you soon!" 

While The Judgment Day has been a regular fixture on "Raw" broadcasts for several months, there was no sighting of Finn Balor, Damian Priest or Ripley on the January 2 episode of the red brand show. Several members of the faction urged authorities to release Dominik from prison over the weekend, tweeting out the hashtag "FreeDom" to show solidarity with their teammate. Subsequently, WWE released a new t-shirt with the text "Bail Me Out, Mami! I Won't Make It In Jail" soon after Dominik's kayfabe arrest.

It remains to be seen if Dominik undergoes some sort of a character change following his "ordeal" in jail. His father, currently a part of the "WWE SmackDown" brand, has been embroiled in a feud with Karrion Kross in recent weeks, with WWE teasing a possible Rey vs. Kross match at Royal Rumble. It is widely rumored that WWE will pull the trigger on the long-awaited Rey vs. Dominik singles match at WrestleMania 39. Dominik had turned on his legendary father at last year's Clash At The Castle premium live event, where he aligned himself with The Judgment Day.