Dominik Mysterio Gets 'Arrested' On Christmas Eve

With yet another major holiday comes another entry in the saga of Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley showing up to Mysterio family gatherings unannounced. The Judgment Day members last paid a visit to Dominik's mother and father on Thanksgiving, when they viciously attacked Rey Mysterio for having his Christmas tree up too early in the year. This time, however, the Mysterios were prepared for their unwanted guests.

This time, Dominik and Ripley showed up at his grandparents' house for Christmas dinner, as was seen in the video posted on the official WWE Twitter account on Saturday night. While his grandpa was happy to see him, things quickly got heated between Dominik and Rey, who took their business outside before chaos erupted.

When outside, Dominik pushed his father, leading his mom to attempt to slap her son. Ripley stopped this from happening but was met with a slap of her own from Rey's wife, just as the police arrived on the scene. In an exciting twist, it was Dominik who got arrested, despite his repeated reminders of the sequence of events. Dom yelled, "My mom hit Mami!" as he got cuffed and placed in the vehicle. Ripley screamed in disbelief regarding her stablemate getting arrested. Since the altercation, fellow Judgement Day members have tweeted out the hashtag "FreeDom" in solidarity with their teammate. They believe that Dominik "won't make it in jail."

Dominik and Rey have yet to have a singles match against each other, though these holiday videos suggest that they will cross paths in the ring at some point soon.