Dylan Murray

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tinley Park High School
Japanese Wrestling, Independent Wrestling, Women's Wrestling
  • Dylan has been writing about professional wrestling for over seven years, beginning as an amateur blogger at the age of 12.
  • He's written for LastWordOnSports.com and had been featured prominently on Tigerdriver9x.com and on Deadlockpw.com as the lead editorialist in the past.
  • As the Creator of the "Victory Through Guts" and "Stardom Quest" podcasts, Dylan has expanded his expertise in Japanese wrestling beyond written publications and into the audio world.


Dylan has watched and analyzed pro wrestling for 15 years and has become incredibly knowledgeable about the industry domestically and abroad. Specializing in the Japanese wrestling scene, Dylan has made it his goal to help bring news and updates from Japan to the United States throughout his writing career, and and hopes to continue to do so as a member of Wrestling Inc.


While attending Tinley Park High School, Dylan was a proficient writer both within his alma mater and at home during his leisure. His devotion to writing has been a constant from a very young age and continues to be his passion to this day.
Stories By Dylan Murray