Dave Meltzer Compares Jon Moxley To Terry Funk And Dusty Rhodes

Jon Moxley has become an ace-like figure ever since he arrived in All Elite Wrestling back at Double or Nothing 2019. To get to that point, the three-time AEW World Champion has utilized a unique style that prioritizes realism, as he explained in his recent thesis regarding blood in professional wrestling. While his philosophy regarding our great sport is sometimes controversial, Dave Meltzer believes that Moxley's views fall in line with some of wrestling's most legendary stars of the 20th century.

Speaking on a recent episode of "Wrestling Observer Radio," Meltzer complimented Moxley's commitment to realism in his matches. "He looks at it as if it was real, and if it was real ... like in a MMA card, there's a bunch of people bleeding every single MMA card," Meltzer concurred before adding, "So, in his mind, it's like that's what happens in a real fight."

Meltzer then noted that he doesn't personally agree with Moxley's beliefs regarding blood, though he does understand his logic regarding the subject. Furthermore, Meltzer compared the Blackpool Combat Club member's thought process to wrestling legends of the past. "I mean, Abdullah The Butcher bled a lot. Terry Funk bled a lot," Meltzer reminded. He then pointed out that, "Of all the guys, [Moxley] is the most ... Terry Funk of anyone in wrestling right now ... Terry Funk and Dusty [Rhodes] bled like crazy week in and week out. That's what they did."

Moxley's roughneck style and affinity for bleeding has been seen across the world, most recently in his Final Death match against El Desperado at NJPW STRONG: Independence Day in Korakuen Hall. And Moxley's hardcore Summer won't end there, as later this month, he will take part in his second Blood and Guts match alongside BCC when they face off against The Elite in the double cage.