Sami Zayn's 10 Best Moments In The Bloodline

Sami Zayn is one of the most interesting characters in all of professional wrestling, and has entered a new level as a key figure of The Bloodline saga. His run as a member of The Bloodline alongside Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, the Usos, and Solo Sikoa has elevated and enhanced every single member of the group, as well as Zayn himself. The only non-Anoa'i wrestler in the group, Zayn has brought an equally high and important level of comedy and intrigue to the group's long-running story.

Sami Zayn's storytelling ability has been top-tier throughout most of his career, and his run as the Honorary Uce has solidified his status as one of the best. During his runs in ROH and NXT, Zayn established himself as a fan-favorite among fans who appreciated his style of wrestling. Despite this popularity, Zayn was not seen as a main event player by all on the main roster. Now, as a member of The Bloodline, one of the most dominant factions in wrestling history, Zayn has been elevated to a new status. The Canadian born wrestler has added exceptional comedic talent and contrast from the rest of The Bloodline members, injecting new life and energy into the group. Zayn's inclusion and ability has helped raise The Bloodline and himself to historic levels of interest, creating many memorable moments on the way.

Jimmy Uso Names Sami Zayn An Honorary Uce

After weeks of doing his best to impress Reigns, Heyman, and the Usos, Sami finally took a big step, and bravely put his feelings out there. On the May 27, 2022 edition of "SmackDown," Sami approached the tag team champions backstage and asked the Usos to officially become a member of The Bloodline. The nervousness and hopefulness of the segment read like a high-schooler asking their crush out the prom, as Zayn tried to play it cool, but was clearly desperate for the brother's approval. Jimmy, much to a surprised look on Jey's face, agreed rather quickly and named Sami as an "Honorary Uce." This delights Zayn to no end, who fervently promises to take care of anything the Usos and Reigns need. 

This is a huge moment for Zayn, as the weeks spent defending The Bloodline's honor were proven to be beneficial. What had started as a joke had finally paid off for Zayn, proving that he truly was a master strategist. While the rest of the WWE roster worked against the seemingly unstoppable faction, Zayn found a way inside the group, even though he shared no blood with them. The segment also clearly defined the feelings that each member of the Usos felt towards Zayn going forward, as Jimmy found Sami amusing, while Jey was angered by the very suggestion. 

Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa Team Against Madcap Moss and Ricochet

The last two members to join The Bloodline were Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn, a duo comprised of extremely different men with different presentations. The stoic and ruthless Solo is quite different from the crafty and exuberant Zayn. Despite their difference, Solo and Sami had a quick connection, as Sikoa chose Sami as his mentor figure. This choice sometimes came at the expense of the Usos, Sikoa's real life brothers, causing a deepening of the ongoing riff between Sami and Jey.

The unlikely duo were dispatched by Reigns to deal with the young and energetic threats of Madcap Moss and Ricochet on the October 28, 2022 episode of "SmackDown." After attacking Moss and Ricochet backstage the previous week for disrespecting The Bloodline, Zayn and Sikoa looked to deal more punishment. The powerful enforcer Sikoa was the dominating force of the match, delivering numerous hard fists to both Ricochet and Moss. Zayn was almost able to pick up the win with a Blue Thunder Bomb on Moss, but only got a two count. While the ref was watching the action between Moss and Zayn, Sikoa was able to dispatch Ricochet with a chair throw to the face, and then tag himself in and deliver a victory by pinning Moss. The duo of Zayn and Moss worked extremely well together, strengthening The Bloodline's position atop all of the WWE. 

Most of the Sami story has been focused on his relationship with Reigns and the Usos, but there is room for an interesting development with Zayn and Sikoa.

Zayn Takes A Claymore To Protect The Tribal Chief

As the Head of the Table, Roman runs his group with an iron fist, ensuring their loyalty with a mixture of fear and love. This causes deep devotion to Roman, who has used his family's love to benefit his historic reign as the Undisputed WWE Champion. One of the best ways to show your loyalty to The Bloodline is to physically protect the Tribal Chief. 

On the August 19, 2022 episode of "SmackDown," Zayn was able to gain favor with Roman Reigns by taking a Claymore kick from the dangerous Drew McIntyre. Protecting Reigns and his two title belts are of the utmost importance for the group, and a task each member takes seriously, including Zayn. This was an early proof of loyalty for Zayn, who was still looking to gain favor with Reigns. Roman had not yet tipped his hand concerning his true feelings for Zayn. 

Of course, Reigns would sacrifice Zayn or any other member of The Bloodline if it benefited him, but in this moment he was appreciative of the Honorary Uce's efforts.

Sami Zayn Defeats AJ Styles With Help Of The Bloodline

Zayn's biggest solo win as a member of The Bloodline came over former WWE champion AJ Styles on September 26, 2022 episode of "Raw." Styles and Zayn are two of the most senior members of the active WWE roster, and their experience and skill has allowed them to age like fine wine. The two veterans put on a clinic of a match, each working hard to secure the win. The match occurred in Zayn's home country of Canada, giving Zayn the crowd advantage. They happily cheered on the normally heel-leaning Zayn. 

The advantage in this match eventually came from Sami's stable mates, each of whom had plenty of experience of referee interference. The ref distraction is a staple move for The Bloodline, who use their numbers advantage and quick-thinking to great effect, usually to benefit Roman, but also other members. Near the end of the match, Solo Sikoa was able to hit Styles with a bone-crunching slam onto the apron, as Zayn held the referee's attention. Sikoa seemed to do this by his own volition, but the big smile on Zayn's face showed his appreciation. Sikoa's interference followed by a Helluva Kick from Zayn was enough for a collective win for team Bloodline. 

Zayn Shows Off His Moves To The Usos' Entrance Music

The comedic talents of Sami Zayn are second to none, as are his groovy dance moves. One of the earliest trends that gained fan interest was Zayn dancing down to the ring to the Usos entrance music. When Sami hears that opening line of the Usos' banger of a theme, it's like he can't control his body. The pure energy that Zayn puts into what could be described as dad moves are a joy to watch, and were enough to make fans want more interaction between Zayn and The Bloodline. 

On "SmackDown," during the group's celebration of Roman Reigns two-year run as Universal Champion, Zayn delivered one of the best and most widespread GIFs of wrestling Twitter history. Dressed to the nines in a slick maroon suit, Zayn danced his way to the ring with the Usos triumphant and confident due to the group's impressive accomplishments. Zayn's dancing and his expanding vocabulary to include "yeet" and "my dawg" shows transformation of The Honorary Uce, showcasing his surprisingly fun side. This energy and joy is a welcome addition to the group, the rest of which usually deals with serious topics and brutality and championship aspirations. 

Sami Zayn Coins The Catchphrase 'Ucey'

The term "uce" has long been a popular part of the Usos vocabulary. The slang word used in place of the Samoan word "Uso," which means brother, "uce" is an popular way of referring to another person in the Samoan culture and heritage that familial members of The Bloodline members share. Both Jimmy and Jey Uso have used the slang phrase to refer to a variety of people as "uce," both as a positive and negative. The term has become well-known to WWE fans, but the genius thought of making the greeting into a adjective has taken it to new heights. 

On "SmackDown," Zayn termed the coined the phrase "ucey," in reference to the fact that Jey Uso needed a change in attitude. With a huge smile on his face, Reigns agreed with his newest Bloodline member, warning Jey to get more "ucey" or suffer the consequences. This fan favorite moment and catchphrase is an all-timer for Zayn, who continually delivers on the microphone. 

Jey's reaction to this catchphrase is supposed to be full of contempt, as he feels that Zayn is disrespecting his and his family's name, all in order to raise his own profile. Instead, Jey must fight back laughter, as he breaks character momentarily and his true self is revealed. Being "ucey" is a hilarious turn of phrase, so it is hard to blame Jey for the harmless and funny slip-up. 

Roman Reigns Gifts Sami Zayn With A New Shirt

On the September 23 episode of "SmackDown," The Bloodline had an important meeting inside the ring. Tired of the in-fighting between the members of his faction, the Tribal Chief was forced to air grievances and take action. The main rift occurred between Jey Uso and Sami Zayn, and was troubling to Roman Reigns. Just when it seemed that Zayn would be exposed and banished from the group, a merciful and appreciative side of Reigns emerged. 

Reigns ordered his right hand man Jey Uso to remove Zayn's shirt. This felt like the end for Zayn's days in the group, and a win for Jey who was perpetually annoyed that Zayn was ever allowed to wear The Bloodline shirt. Zayn began his plea to assist Reigns by wearing a Bloodline shirt, months before he or Solo were even close to becoming members. By losing the honor of wearing the shirt, it seemed Zayn would be stripped of his position. Instead, Reigns gifted Zayn with a brand new shirt, which read "Honorary Uce."

To become a member of The Bloodline is to serve at the wish and demand of the Undisputed Universal WWE Champion, Roman Reigns. The recognition of Roman is the only that truly matters in the group, and Zayn was more than elated to receive such an honor from the Tribal Chief.

Zayn Owens Low Blows Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have had one of the longest-running relationships in all of professional wrestling, and another chapter of their interlinked tale was written at Survivor Series: War Games. Owens has betrayed his friend Zayn many times, leading to many classic matches and promos. In this story, many wondered if Zayn would betray the members of The Bloodline, and help his true friend Owens. Heading into the Survivor Series: War Games match, there was some doubt if the king-lasting and deep Zayn-Owens relationship would prove stronger than Zayn's relatively new allegiance to Roman and his family.

As opposing members of the War Games match main event, the interactions between Zayn and Owens were of massive intrigue among fans who have watched the Canadian pair for so many years.  The brutal contest was a proving ground for Zayn, who protected Jey Uso multiple times during the match, and proved that he would serve Reigns and The Bloodline over all else. In the final minutes of the contest, Zayn hit Owens with a low blow shot, ending a combination that nearly won the match for Owens. Zayn followed the dirty move with a kick to Owens' face, and then allowed Jey Uso to pin Owens. This left no doubt about Zayn's alliances, and proved that Zayn had truly joined the dark side. 

Jimmy Uso and Zayn's Handshake of Friendship

One of the marks of true friendship is a cool personal handshake, proven by Troy and Abed on "Community." Continuing the tradition of great daps in television history is Sami Zayn and Jimmy Uso, whose extensive greeting is a fan favorite every time it occurs. The pair's unlikely friendship is one of the best things that Zayn has brought to the group, and it is a treat to watch every single time the two do it. 

More than just on-screen friends, Sami said that the handshake with Jimmy is their real life greeting. During an interview with Peter Rosenberg on the "Cheap Heat" podcast on The Ringer, Sami explained that the two have done the intricate dap for years now. The fact Jimmy and Sami have had a great relationship makes their time on-screen even better, and their real-life chemistry clearly comes through during their television interactions. A huge moment for Zayn was getting Jey to join in on the handshake action. After The Bloodline's thrilling victory at Survivor Series: War Games, the always serious Jey got in on the handshake fun, showing a definite improvement in the relationship between he and Zayn.

Jey Uso Accepts and Hugs Sami Zayn After War Games Win

Besides Roman, Jey Uso is the most important member of The Bloodline. The feud between Jey and Roman put into motion the reunion of Reigns and his cousins the Usos, and his give and take with Zayn has been the main source of tension pushing the group forward. The story of the War Games match at Survivor Series was Sami Zayn, who proved himself to his greatest doubter: Jey Uso. After helping secure The Bloodline win by low-blowing Kevin Owens, preventing the losing pinfall for his group several times, and saving Jey from damage, there was nothing left for Jey Uso but to hug Zayn after a hard fought win. 

The hug moment is incredible. The joy radiating off of Sami is heart-warming and feels well-earned. Jey, who is the long-standing curmudgeon of the group, finally showing joy is tremendous. Even though The Bloodline are the bad guys of the match and have cheated and bullied their way to the top, them celebrating Zayn makes it feel like they are the best guys. Yet, there is always trouble ahead for The Bloodline. When you're at the top, everyone is coming for you, and The Bloodline has even surpassed the mountaintop, entering historic and unknowable future territory. Whether it is an internal betrayal or outside destroying force, whatever happens next with The Bloodline will define WWE going forward, and Sami Zayn will be at the centerpiece of that story.