Jeff Jarrett Blasts Max Caster Over Recent AEW Segment

With their latest rap video, The Acclaimed lit a fire under Jeff Jarrett heading into their tag team match this Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite." During the diss track, Caster took several digs at Jarrett — including a shot about his wife Karen and her ex-husband Kurt Angle — referencing the trio's issues in TNA back in the 2000s when Jeff and Karen became a couple. 


This week, Jarrett used the platform of his podcast, "My World," to fire back at "Platinum" Max Caster, revealing how angry he was to hear that his wife was once again bearing the brunt of a situation that happened over a decade ago. "I've heard a bunch of old timers live by the creed don't mess with my family and don't mess with my money," Jarrett stated. "Max did both. He messed with my family and my money. Karen is a personality, [but not with AEW]. The whole [idea] that I'm stealing Kurt Angle's wife — that is a generation removed, and I want to set the record straight here.

"I've kept my mouth shut 10, 12 years, for two reasons: Kyra Angle and Cody Angle," he continued. "They're old enough now, they know the absolute truth. But me stealing Kurt's wife is the furthest thing from the truth. The fact of the matter is when we hired Kurt Angle, me and Dixie Carter — because she's a part of this story — they were legally separated, and they weren't living under the same roof. Enough is enough, we're 13 years removed from this. "


Kurt Angle also shared his frustrated thoughts on Twitter in a recently removed tweet that said, "When you got to use my name to get heat after 12 years" with the hashtag "MoveOn" added. Reacting to the Olympic gold medalist's words, Jarrett also relayed that he believes Angle is also "sick and tired of this," but that he shouldn't have gotten involved in what's happening in AEW. "The Last Outlaw" did however contribute that if Angle thinks he needs his name to get heat, he's delusional.

Jarrett did reserve some remarks for Caster though, threatening a receipt on Wednesday night's show and telling one-half of the current AEW Tag Team Champions that he went too far and opened up a can of worms he may live to regret.