Road Dogg Ranks His Top Sports Entertainers

Professional wrestling isn't always just about the action in the ring. Entertainment has always been a key component with tastes being completely subjective. "Road Dogg" Brian James — the current WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events — is not afraid to express what he likes. And while most fans, and even a number of wrestlers, have put together their Mount Rushmore of professional wrestlers, what about a list of top sports entertainers — a dirty pair of words to hardcore wrestling fans? "Road Dogg" has his top three.


"I'd go [Jim] Cornette one, [Vince] Russo two, Bret [Hart] ..." James said with a grin on a recent episode of the "Oh...You Didn't Know" podcast." That smile comes from James' expected backlash that stems from his recent comments on Hart being a great but lesser entertainer.

The top two spots on James' list have plenty of combined experience. Cornette is best known for his work as both a manager and a booker over a few decades for a number of promotions. including Mid-South Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions, WCW, and WWE. Russo, on the other hand, is primarily known for his creative endeavors with WWF during the Attitude Era, followed by stints with WCW and TNA.

Interestingly enough, Cornette and Russo have often clashed over their views of both entertainment and in-ring work in wrestling. For James though, it's all about blending different tastes and philosophies. So while Cornette and Russo were rarely ever able to do so, he believes they both had plenty to offer the business – even if they didn't always do themselves many favors with their words and subsequent actions. "Look, they're both geniuses at the industry," James continued. "And you could also think they're both morons."