Former Tag Team Champion Remembers Working With Terry Funk

During WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk's career, he captured several major titles, including the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship and ECW World Championship in America. Funk also commonly wrestled in Japan, but did not actually spend much time in WWE. However, he did have a few notable stints with the company, one of which resulted in a one-day reign with the WWE World Tag Team Championship alongside Cactus Jack, Funk's real-life close friend Mick Foley.


While hosting "Oh You Didn't Know?," fellow WWE Hall of Famer and former rival of Funk's in WWE, "Road Dogg" Brian James, recalled working with Funk and compared one of Funk's moves to JBL's devastating Clothesline From Hell finisher. "He's the toughest man ever made in America and no matter how, how hard you hit him, he throws a left punch that you don't, you know see a lot of," James said. "You don't see a lot of left-handed people. So, the last thing you expect to receive from you kicking him or hitting him in the head is just a left swinging like Bradshaw's clothesline."

Upon signing with WWE in 1998, Funk saw his name changed to Chainsaw Charlie. James revealed who was behind wanting to sign Funk to WWE and how that name change came about. "Jim [Cornette] wanted him to come in so bad and Mick Foley and they were on it, on it, on it, and Vince finally said, 'Nobody knows who Terry Funk is,'" James continued. "I think Cornette said, 'You could put a stocking over his face and call him Chainsaw Charlie if you want.' Like, something that crazy is how it came about."