Tony Khan Is Watching Vince McMahon's WWE Return 'Very Closely'

As the wrestling world continues to reel from Vince McMahon's return to the WWE Board of Directors, fans are wondering just what ramifications this will have, not just for WWE, but the industry as a whole. That of course includes AEW and its owner Tony Khan, who even if not directly, are sure to be affected by whatever happens with WWE over the next few months.


So it will come as no surprise that Khan, as he revealed during an interview with In The Zone Tuesday afternoon, is aware of what's going on in Stamford, Connecticut at this time. "Yeah absolutely," Khan said. "I am following it very closely." At the same time, regardless of how the whole thing shakes out, Khan is feeling good about AEW's position in the landscape right now, and feels there is room for both AEW and WWE to occupy space.

"I think it's clear there's room [for us to coexist]," Khan said. "AEW, every week, we have one of the top shows on cable. Really, for months now, you see the top shows and it's basically AEW on TBS competing with ESPN for the top spot. And those are the top things every week, and AEW's had a lot of #1 finishes in 2022 ... I do think we have a great, great audience that tunes in Wednesdays on TBS and Fridays on TNT every week, and that's what kept us going. We have a consistent fanbase, that are AEW fans, and over the years we've established that."


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