Dana White Comments On Fallout From Violent NYE Altercation With Wife

It's not only Vince McMahon who is wrestling to keep a firm grip on leading his company. Ultimate Fighting Championship chief Dana White is currently fighting to retain his executive position after a video emerged showing the 53-year-old striking his wife on New Year's Eve. Many have called for White to be removed as UFC President, including The California Legislative Women's Caucus, who wrote to UFC's parent company, Endeavor, earlier this week. White discussed the incident further with the media ahead of this weekend's UFC Vegas 67 event. 


"What happened on New Year's Eve is mine, my mistake, not theirs," White said in the media day press conference posted by "ESPN MMA." "It was obviously a horrible, personal experience and, you know, there's no excuses for it. [It's] something I'm gonna have to deal with and live with for the rest of my life. ... All the criticism that I have received this week is one hundred percent warranted."

Regarding the repercussions of his actions, White made it clear that leaving UFC would hurt the company, its employees and its fighters. The former Wrestling Observer Newsletter Promoter of the Year admitted the biggest punishment he will receive will come in the form of the label he will carry for the rest of his life and from those who may no longer respect him. White accepted the incident as something he could never bounce back from. In contrast, McMahon retired as WWE Chairman and CEO amid sexual misconduct allegations last summer. The 77-year-old reinstated himself to WWE's Board last week and is now Executive Chairman.


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