Shayna Baszler Open To WWE Crossover With Japanese Promotion

Mercedes Mone's recent debut in Japan has another WWE star throwing her name out there for a potential crossover with NJPW and STARDOM.

In a snippet of a new interview shared online by Dark Puroresu Flowsion, two-time NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler opened up about her dream opponents and aspirations to return to Japan.


"One thing in this business I have learned is 'never say never,' " the WWE star said when asked about a potential crossover happening with her current and former companies. Before joining WWE's developmental "NXT" brand in 2017, Baszler wrestled for two years on the independent circuit and toured with STARDOM. 

"I have said many times I would love a match against Giulia or Syuri," Baszler also said. "I think my ring style works really well with a style like theirs."

As for her dream opponent? Baszler said she's "a fan of intergender matches if they are done properly" and that she "would love a match against any of the guys" wrestling today. "Especially any of the technicians," she said, adding, "Namely [Minoru] Suzuki, as he is my favorite."


"Technicians and brawlers are who I study the most," she said. "I stated Minoru Suzuki is my favorite and I heavily studied the work done in UWFI [Union of Professional Wrestling Force International] as well as All Japan Women."

Baszler has shown off her studies throughout her WWE career, becoming one of the most feared women in the ring. The former MMA champion's kirifuda clutch rear-naked chokehold is among the many submission holds the grappler has in her bag of tricks, which helped her win both the top NXT women's title twice as well as the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship alongside Nia Jax.