Damian Priest Calls Match Against WWE HOFer 'Special'

Damian Priest turned to the dark side last year, designated as the first recruit in one of WWE's most dominant factions, The Judgement Day. Initially falling under the wing of Edge, the Judgement Day later found a new figurehead, forcibly kicking out "The Rated R Superstar" in favor of former Universal Champion Finn Balor.


The original leader, Edge, continued to feud with his former faction throughout the summer, leading to his first match in front of a "Raw" audience in over 11 years. On August 22, the WWE Hall of Famer battled ex-pupil for nearly twenty minutes in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In a recent interview with "Witty Whittier," Priest shared his thoughts on the "special" match with Edge.

"To this day, it's going to be hard to top that one," he said. "I've had great moments and great matches with Finn Balor, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, just tons of guys that are top-notch performers, but this is the main event of Monday Night Raw, in Toronto, against Edge in his first singles match in like a decade on Monday Night Raw. It's Edge, a Hall of Famer, a mentor, we were friends, not friends on air. There was a lot of emotion that went into this match."


Priest continued, noting he was "so grateful" the two were able to dance, as Edge has a "limited amount of matches left" in his career. With a big opportunity like that though, Priest revealed he did feel some pressure. "This is another WrestleMania type of situation, you can't fail at this," he recalled thinking.  That pressure soon subsided, though, as they "went out there and banged," drawing an "awesome" reaction from the fans. "We were in it," he said. "To this day, it's my favorite match I've had in my WWE career."