Mickie James On How Sale To The Saudis Could Change WWE

Mickie James has some thoughts on what changes WWE could go through if the company is sold to Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. Speculation has been swirling since reports surfaced earlier this week.


James was a guest on Fightful's "The Wrestling Perspective," and she chimed in on whether or not a sale to the Public Investment Fund would have an impact on WWE's infrastructure.

"I don't think that even if the Saudi Arabians were gonna buy it, I don't feel like they're gonna come in and change the infrastructure or change anything," James said. "They just wanna own it, right? Like you see it on the golf tour thing, you see it with a lot of soccer clubs, they own a couple of them." 

With that said, James believes there's a whole set of issues that may come with the purchase, and they have a lot to do with WWE's TV audience, networks, and in-ring talent.

"I do think it changes how the public views the product in the sense of, do we lose American TV rights? What about the Tribute to the Troops? What happens there? Also, what about the comfort level, obviously, of anyone who happens to be gay on the roster, or even the comfort level of a female on the roster?"


Many within the wrestling industry have shared the belief that WWE could struggle to find a new media rights deal if it's sold to Saudi Arabian interests since many TV networks in America seem to want nothing to do with the country's involvement. An example of this is LIV Golf, which is financed by the Public Investment Fund.

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