Alexander Wolfe Agrees Aspect Of Sanity's WWE Main Roster Run Was Confusing

Axel Tischer, best known as Alexander Wolfe in WWE, was formerly part of a stable known as Sanity. The group was formed in "WWE NXT" and primarily consisted of Wolfe, Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Nikki Cross. But when they were called up to the main roster in 2018, it would only be the three men, leaving Cross behind in "NXT."

On the "Ten Count", Wolfe agreed that going up without Cross was confusing and revealed the reason behind WWE's decision.

"When they called us up [to the main roster] and they told us it's without Nikki, they explained to us 'And we [NXT] need a strong women's division.'" Many women, like Asuka and Ember Moon, were leaving "NXT" as they were getting called up. So they kept Cross because she was an experienced wrestler who could help rebuild "NXT's" women's division.

Wolfe mentioned working with Vince McMahon and how they had a positive working relationship. He said McMahon was kind and attentive to them in every meeting. Wolfe gives insight into what it's like to pitch ideas to the former chairman.

"With Vince McMahon, you have to sell it to him [so] that he understands it," Wolfe said. "If you explain [to] me an idea and I cannot portray it in my mind, in my head cinema...if it doesn't click, I don't get it. And that was the thing because he's the boss and if he doesn't get it, there's a high percentage that he's not up for it until he makes it up for himself and then he creates in his own mind."

McMahon ultimately did not see the vision for Sanity as they struggled to find success on the main roster. Wolfe was released from WWE in 2021 and now wrestles as Axel Axeman Tischer in Germany.