Finn Balor Reveals The Coolest Moment Of His Career

Finn Balor has had some truly special moments throughout his wrestling career, whether that be headlining for NJPW as part of Bullet Club, competing at WrestleMania, or becoming the first-ever WWE Universal Champion. He has won some huge matches, but it was actually a loss on a house show that Balor claimed to "BT Sport" was the "coolest moment" of his career. The bout took place in Lowell, Massachusetts back in 2016, and saw him lose the "WWE NXT" Championship to Samoa Joe, which Balor felt was "something that was so rare," explaining why it holds such a special place in his heart over everything else he has done, often on a much larger scale. 

"I remember the sheer surprise and shock of the people in the front row that just couldn't believe what they had witnessed on a house show," he said on Joe ending his 292-day reign as champion. "That was a special night ... Just the sheer shock and then joy of the fans like having Joe as champ." That victory was the first time Joe held gold in WWE, and after a storied career working for the likes of TNA and Ring of Honor, Balor felt like he'd "really paid his dues" in the industry and had "become such an integral part of "NXT" in the process.

"For me someone who I'd learned so much from, not only in "NXT" but before that and we obviously have a very close relationship as well," Balor said. "That was one of my favorite nights of my career," proving that it isn't always about winning in professional wrestling.

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