Eric Bischoff Discusses What We Don't Know About WWE Sale

Everyone can and will speculate or hypothesize as to the "who and when" WWE is selling, but Eric Bischoff believes everyone doing that, himself included, knows the same thing. "You only know what WWE wants you to know," said the former WCW President on the latest "83 Weeks" podcast. "A week ago, my gut told me whatever we see going on in the press — which is only what WWE wants you to see because they know useful idiots will run around and repeat it and there will be a narrative — I think it's going private."


Bischoff added that the only person who really knows is recently reinstated Chairman, Vince McMahon. "Just because you crunch numbers and you're an 'analyst' in the business, you're not a telepathic psychiatrist. You can't sit in your office and know what's inside of the mind of Vince and neither can you or neither can I," Bischoff said, who still firmly believes it's McMahon's intent to take the company private. "If there was a place I could bet on that, I would bet almost everything I own on it," he said. 

As far as a "pool of investors" go, Bischoff questions who that exactly entails, calling it a "wild ass guess" and notes that Tony Khan's camp has been in that discussion. "The minute they sign that NDA, you're not going to hear a peep out of them or anybody else, unless WWE wants it to leak. Then you'll hear about it." Bischoff mentions how he loves and admires the work of Brandon Thurston from Wrestlenomics, but took exception to him speculating that McMahon would be willing to crater WWE. "Nobody knows s***," Bischoff said later on. "They're all doing the same thing that we're doing right now which is guessing."