Kofi Kingston Addresses Botched 2022 WWE Royal Rumble Elimination

"Are you kidding me!?" said Michael Cole on commentary during the 2012 Royal Rumble match. That night, Cole and millions of fans watching on pay-per-view witnessed Kofi Kingston save himself from elimination by doing a handstand walk from one side of the ring to the stairs. Since then, Kingston's elimination saves have become an anticipated highlight of the annual Rumble match.

After an impressive streak of miraculous saves, including pogo-ing a chair from the announce table to the ring apron in 2013, Kingston suffered the first blemish on his record last year. During the Rumble match, Kingston was on the ring apron and jumped up to the top rope, where Kevin Owens shoved him off. Kingston went flying down towards the ringside barricade, where he hit chest-first and both his feet touched the floor.

"You're bound to mess one up, that's just the way things go," said Kingston in an interview with New York Post. "There might be a little bit [of pressure]. Honestly, it can't go worse than last year. It is what it is."

Kingston credited WWE alumnus Hornswoggle for helping him come up with ideas for his saves and now, others come to him with suggested scenarios. "I just look forward to doing something unique for the people and provide them a moment they can talk about whether it be me being successful in one or not," he said. "Mission accomplished last year as well when you think about the big picture."

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