Kofi Kingston Reacts To His Botched Spot At WWE Royal Rumble

Over the years, Kofi Kingston has made a habit of producing innovative spots to avoid elimination from Royal Rumble Matches. On Saturday night, however, Kingston seemingly botched a spot that led to his early exit from the battle royal.

Entering the Rumble at #24, Kingston was immediately in trouble as Kevin Owens pushed him off the top rope. Kingston leaped and managed to hang on to the barricade, which appeared to be his typical Rumble spot. Unfortunately, the replays showed that the former WWE Champion's feet touched the floor, and Kingston couldn't pull off another great escape.

Kingston took to Twitter to address the botched spot:

Welp! 😂

"It is Better to Try and Fail Than Never to Try at All."

-someone said this

As noted earlier, there was talk of Reggie entering this year's Rumble to execute some athletic spots. However, Reggie never entered the match, which was eventually won by Brock Lesnar. You can click here to see the full list of 30 entrants and eliminations in the Men's Rumble Match.

You can see the video of Kofi Kingston's botched Rumble spot below.