William Regal Only Gave Will Ospreay This One Piece Of Advice

William Regal possesses nearly 40 years of experience within professional wrestling, and with that often comes those looking to sit beneath his learning tree — or be given a little guidance along the way at the very least. 

Take Will Ospreay, who has elevated himself to be regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers in the world today. Currently signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, he has primarily made a name for himself outside of the United States. On occasion though, he has popped up stateside in companies like Ring of Honor and AEW, the latter of where he crossed paths with Regal in recent months. With the opportunity presenting itself, the former IWGP United States Champion asked Regal for a bit of advice. On the "Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip," the British legend admitted that he didn't have much to offer him — except for just one thing.

"I said there's only one thing. I said you did that incredible thing there, but you did that facing away from the cameras," Regal revealed. Ospreay clearly put that new piece of knowledge into action, because "a few weeks later, everything he did, he did towards the cameras." Yet Regal himself didn't quite understand why someone like Ospreay would ask for his advice to begin with, initially answering his request for advice by downplaying his presence: "What are you asking me for? As good as you are, why do you need to ask me?"

But if there's one thing the Englishman does know, it's talent. But as good as one can be in the ring with their move set and athleticism, there are subtle ways to connect with an audience that he'd prefer not to go overlooked. "There's a trick to wrestling," he started. "If you have a great face, make sure that people can see it. If you don't, keep moving."

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