Ric Flair's Dad Helped Birth Former ROH Employee

Gary Juster was born to work in professional wrestling, arguably literally. Juster has worked as a promoter and executive for Jim Crockett Promotions, WCW, ROH, and currently MLW, but his ties to the business go back much further. On a new episode of "The Insiders" with Conrad Thompson, Juster got the opportunity to talk about his fascinating pro wrestling journey, including befriending Ric Flair. Juster shared some stories when it came to the "Nature Boy," but one stood out among the rest.

"Ric went to my high school for a year and I still don't know why," Juster said, who imagined he probably first met Flair when Verne Gagne was training him in the AWA. However, the former ROH Director of Operations has a birth certificate that makes his connection with Flair even deeper. "One of the great coincidences is that Ric Flair's father, Dr. Richard Fliehr, actually delivered me when I was born," he said. "Growing up, the 'Fliehr' name was a household name because it was my mother's doctor." Juster noted that many of his mother's friends also went to Dr. Fliehr for his OB/GYN services. Juster and Flair had their fair share of time together while both worked for Jim Crockett Promotions and eventually WCW.

"I was delivered by Dr. Richard Fliehr and later became a wrestling promoter working with Ric Flair and finally met Dr. Fliehr at a show at the Met Center in Bloomington, MN some 40-something years after I was born," Juster summed up.

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