This WWE Star Inspired Gail Kim To Become A Pro Wrestler

Gail Kim is a multi-time women's champion and Hall of Famer in her own right — the first female inductee in the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame, to be exact. While her in-ring days have come to an end, she does remain active behind the scenes with Impact Wrestling where she focuses on the Knockouts division. Kim recently spoke to "Lucha Libre Online" about her career and detailed how she got her start in the industry.

Kim shared that she started watching WWE at a time "when everyone watched," when the likes of Bret Hart and British Bulldog were in their prime. She fell out of watching it in her youth, but later came back around during her college years and caught a glimpse of the women being used more, with Trish Stratus, Victoria, Molly Holly, and Ivory as the faces of the division. Kim credits Trish Stratus for helping bring her eyes back to WWE, but it was another WWE Hall of Famer that really captured her attention.

"Once I saw the women wrestling, I would say Molly Holly is the one really — I was just like, 'Wow, I just love the way you move in the ring,'" Kim said. "I just admired her so much. She moved with this grace that I had never seen from a female before. So I became kind of obsessed, and someone I trained with worked with her in WWF at the time," she continued. "He introduced me to her, and she couldn't have been nicer." Kim noted that she couldn't ask for anyone better to look up to than Holly as she might not have wound up in WWE otherwise.