Montez Ford And Bianca Belair Share Embarrassing WWE In-Ring Moment

How much of Montez Ford and Bianca Belair do you want to know? 

Ford and Belair appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" this past Tuesday night, where Cohen asked a round of questions to learn more about life in wrestling. But what he asked weren't your typical "who's your favorite wrestler" or "how did you get into pro-wrestling" type questions. They were more outlandish, to say the least.

The question that every fan in the entire wrestling world wants to know is if Ford ever had a boner while wrestling. His response: "Yes," noting and embarrassing moment before a match. "They were showing a package one time with my wife right before my match and that's when it happened."

The next thing fans desperately want to know is if either of them had ever let out a little pee during a match. "Actually that happens a lot," Belair replied. "My very first time doing a leg drop and I was like 'everything is not for everybody, I would never do a leg drop again.'" Ford also admitted that before going out for his entrance, he would pass gas due to the nerves.

Finally, if you wanted to know what he wears under his tights – it's nothing. His reasoning for it is something many can relate to. "I go full commando. I feel like I can breathe and express myself more to the WWE universe and the world."

If you enjoy learning about Ford and Belair on an intimate level, then you'll be happy to know that the real-life couple are set to star in their own reality TV series. The eight-episode show is currently in production and will stream on Hulu.