Chris Nowinski Pleads With Fans Not To Support Power Slap League

Chris Nowinski is best known to wrestling fans for his short WWE stint in the early 2000s. However, the Harvard graduate currently works as a neuroscientist and, as an advocate for concussion safety, he's been critical of Dana White and TBS's new "Power Slap: Road to the Title" series. "Power Slap: Road to the Title" recently premiered on TBS and Nowinski didn't like the footage that he saw. The former WWE star was critical of the concept, and he made his feelings clear in a recent TikTok video. "As a former WWE superstar and neuroscientist, this has to be the stupidest and saddest thing I've ever seen. "Power Slap" might as well be called Who Wants to Have a Traumatic Brain Injury?"


Unlike other combat sports, such as boxing and mixed martial arts, "Power Slap" doesn't give participants the chance to defend themselves. They're required to give and take slaps with open palms and tolerate the pain. As such, the contest is more dangerous than other fighting sports, according to Nowinski. In the aforementioned video, he noted that boxers can protect themselves, while "Power Slap" asks participants to stand around like idiots and get hit on the head, making them more prone to serious head injuries.

The former WWE star predicted that "Power Slap: Road to the Title" will be disastrous, and he encouraged his followers not to support the show. He also criticized White — who's facing calls to be removed as UFC President after being caught on camera slapping his wife — and TBS for bringing the project to fruition.